Optimising your Social Media Business Pages for Success

OPTIMISING your Social Business Pages can give your business a boost – so find out a little bit more about how you can show-up better!

All businesses need social media as part of their marketing campaigns, and you need to ensure you are setting your pages up for success, making it easier for your customers and potential customers to connect with you!

Deciding on the right platform/s is crucial and this should be based on research to inform this decision. Where do your audience hang out? What social media platforms are they using?

Research is always the key so if you haven’t already done any then you need to get started!

This video is part of my #TrainingTuesdays which I do Live in my private Sarah Bates Design Facebook Group where you can ask me questions live – but the replay above is just as good!

To get your hands on this 10 point checklist freebie! Simply fill in the details below and it’ll be whizzing it’s way to you! After downloading this resource you will have a clear idea of how to optimise your business pages for success!

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