Specialist Spotlight with Lesley Burton from Wagon House Coaching

This Specialist Spotlight session is with the talented and very smiley Lesley Burton this morning, from Wagon House Coaching

Lesley’s 3 bits of advice were:
1. Make sure you have set up a Google My Business Page and if you don’t have one, Lesley Burton will be doing a free workshop, so please get in touch.
2. Invest your time to implement the magic 90 minutes every day to work ON your business not IN your business to ensure it grows and moves forwards – no one likes being stuck!
3. Know your numbers and your goals! This is a recurring theme of these successful business owners, and it’s really important to help drive your business and your team, whilst always making sure you celebrate your successes
These things alone will make a huge impact on your business and I for one know I need to work on at least one of these…

These Specialist Spotlight sessions shine a light on industry experts, most are entrepreneurs and small business owners who share their insights and experiences in conversation with me, Sarah Bates.

Why? because I think it is important to listen to a wide range of different perspectives and get people comfortable with video because it is the way forward! We have a zoom, we stream live and we have a great chat – what is there not to like about that!

Interested in having your own Specialist Spotlight – then please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.

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