How to design a leaflet using Canva

All businesses need to use a strategic approach to marketing and promoting their company and should include different approaches to reach your customers?

Printed leaflets, brochures, flyers can be an approach that is really successful and works for some businesses. Right now it’s quite unique, as most marketing is mainly conducted on the internet. This marketing approach however needs to be considered to make sure you get a return on investment.

So I have come up with this free training on How to design a leaflet using Canva you might need a cuppa as it’s quite a long one! ☕️🍰

This LIVE training to go alongside a checklist and tutorial handout, which takes you through my design thoughts and processes in what I need as a designer to design a leaflet.

I’m using a real life client who has tried to design er own leaflet and I have offered to take you through the process to show you what does and doesn’t work. Jan allowed me to use the design as it really helped her to know what to do – plus she had a great result in a great designs leaflet she could just then tweak!

This video is part of my #TrainingTuesdays which I do Live in my privateSarah Bates Design Facebook Groupwhere you can ask me questions live – but the replay above is just as good!

If you want to get your hands on this brilliant checklist! Simply fill in the details below and it’ll be whizzing it’s way to you! After downloading this resource you will have a clear idea of what to post, when and how! 

Happy designing and remember if you want feedback on any of your designs – then join my Facebook group and use the hashtag #askSarah and I’m there to help and support you grow your business!

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