How to use colour in your marketing to make your brand stronger

First impressions count and colour has a critical part in attracting your audience and making lasting impressions. 

Colour communicates a message, evokes an experience, makes a visual reference and can provoke and change our mood! It’s important to get it right or at least consider its importance! 

This stuff isn’t just learned with trail and error, or split testing – it goes back to colour theory, colour associations, how we perceive colour and our cultural references! 

But I’m not here to tell you all about the big stuff, I’m just sharing with you the stuff you need to know so your social posts, website, newsletters will start to look better! So they maybe even start to look ‘good’ – even start to attract attention… 

This video is part of my #TrainingTuesdays which I do Live in my private Sarah Bates Design Facebook Group where you can ask me questions live – but the replay above is just as good!

And I definitely recommend downloading this free handout that accompanies the training.

If you want to get your hands on this brilliant checklist! Simply fill in the details below and it’ll be whizzing it’s way to you! 

Once you have watched the training and got your hands on the checklist you can start  working on it to get your brand strong and consistent throughout your customer’s journey!

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