Specialist Spotlight with Caroline Tapken

This Specialist Spotlight session is with Caroline Tapken who is a life coach from Joy and Purpose Life Coaching, we are talking about the pandemic, the impact, how we can deal with change, retraining, empty nest syndrome and finding all about B1G1!

Carolines 4 bits of guidance are fascinating, as we think about lockdowns, the pandemic and as we move forward into a new world where Covid exists:

  1. As we open up, this pandemic has had an impact and her advice would be to take it easy, be comfortable with how you feel and do it slowly.
  2. The importance and impact of having a coach in people’s lives can be hugely positive. You are able to makes sense of how you are feeling, listens without judgement and help you with where you want to be going.
  3. For every client Caroline takes onboard, she chooses a project that she contributes to, as she is a part of B1G1 whose focus is about sustainability goals, end poverty, equality and justice and support climate change. Why not take a look to see how you can help with the projects that resonate with you!
  4. Always pack a phone charger!

These Specialist Spotlight sessions shine a light on industry experts, most are entrepreneurs and small business owners who share their insights and experiences in conversation with me, Sarah Bates.

Why? because I think it is important to listen to a wide range of different perspectives and get people comfortable with video because it is the way forward! We have a zoom, we stream live and we have a great chat – what is there not to like about that!

Interested in having your own Specialist Spotlight – then please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.

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