Specialist Spotlight with David Reed from David Reed Results

This Specialist Spotlight session is with David Reed who is a fabulous person and helps businesses with their business to get guaranteed results!

David’s has not just 3 he has 8 juicy nuggets of advice and guidance, which is really important to for all businesses, big or small
  1. Biggest barrier for not moving businesses forward is people, because there are less people with more reluctance to change, and perhaps the habits are simply not habits because they are in a padded rut and resistance to change – 1st step is realising this!
  2. You have got to look at people, the environment and the art of  the business in the first place – is it going in the right direction?
  3. Know your numbers and get the money bit right as a priority. Money in = revenue = top line, money out = costs = bottom line, money left over is the profit and the cash and without it business are dead = life line, it is so important!
  4. Work out what you want your ideal lifestyle to look like and how much will it costs? Which tells you how much you want to pay yourself! Then re-write it for your future profit and loss account (P&L)
  5. Then work backwards – how can you fund this, what do you have to do to make it happen!
  6. Think about the difference between ‘the’ and ‘a’ and when you see the value your clients will see this and then people will pay you accordingly.
  7. What can you do that adds value for your customers, try it out, test it out a little, and learn and adjust!
  8. If you business isn’t providing you with the life you want – it’s not your fault (radical) – if we blame ourselves, but recognise that you are responsible for your results – so you are response-able!

These Specialist Spotlight sessions shine a light on industry experts, most are entrepreneurs and small business owners who share their insights and experiences in conversation with me, Sarah Bates.

Why? because I think it is important to listen to a wide range of different perspectives and get people comfortable with video because it is the way forward! We have a zoom, we stream live and we have a great chat – what is there not to like about that!

Interested in having your own Specialist Spotlight – then please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.

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